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Life in Kokomo: Why I Volunteer by Lynn Shaffer

by Lynn Shaffer

When someone asks me why I volunteer at the KokomoPregnancy Resource Center/Living Alternatives, I usually give them the ‘simple answer’:

I volunteer because I enjoy saving the lives of babies and bringing their mommies to the Lord.

This is very true. However, there is much more to it than this. Let me tell you a short story.

Many years ago as a young teenager, I felt the Lord tell me He wanted me to bring others into his Kingdom in a big way. I did not know what way that would be and so I prayed for His guidance and waited.

Since then, He brought me through many trials, temptations, perils and victories.

Every step of the way was ordered by the Lord, even when I did not understand where I was going, yet He was lighting my path to serve Him in this ministry.

God brought me from my knees as a teenager telling Him, “yes, I will follow you” halfway across the world and back again until He landed me right where he wanted me–in the front office of the Pregnancy Resource Center in Kokomo, Indiana in the summer of 2007.

At the end of that very long journey, I was literally compelled to enter the Pregnancy Resource Center and offer my hands and talents to the director.

I did not know a lot about the center at the time.

I did know the director as we had attended church together and she was a co-partner in the Great Banquet that I had attended a year or so before.

I knew that the Pregnancy Resource Center was a ministry opportunity to help young women in crisis pregnancies.

I also knew that the Lord called me to be there.

That is about all I knew.

Since that time, I have learned a lot.

I have learned what it means to many of the women in our community to have a crisis pregnancy.

I have learned about their fears and tears as well as their love and joy.

I have been able to get to know many of these young ladies and to ‘love them in the Lord’.

It is so amazing to see one of them walk into the center with their new baby in their arms and a smile on their face.

It is even more awesome when I know that this new mommy chose life because of our center. She might have chosen life as in saving the life of her child or she might have chosen life as she received her new Life in Christ. Either way, it makes my day to know that she has made such a wonderful decision.

Now, I have a new sister in Christ with a new little one who may even become another preacher, gospel singer or evangelist. God is so good!

Many babies have been saved from abortion through our centers since that fateful summer day in 2007, many women have come to know the Lord and many women have come in to our center just to reach out and find someone who cares.

I have many faces in my mind and names in my heart of new friends that I have made since walking into this Pregnancy Resource Center.

I know that many of them will join me in Heaven one day.

We can all sit around God’s throne and thank Him and praise Him for giving us life! His Life!

What a thing to look forward to… what a good reason to come into the center and volunteer.

It is no wonder that I enjoy coming into the center every week.

Praise God from whom all Blessings flow!

Praise Him all creatures here below.

Praise God for the Pregnancy Resource Center and all He does in our Lives!

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